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Man on a mission

I am trying to become a good citizen of Chicago, in part because my husband and I are new-ish residents; in part because I am old enough to give back without payback; and in part because Chicago can use good … Continue reading

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Wilder and Wilder

I don’t know the historical significance of Wilder Park: Who it’s named after, why it occupies acerage in the center of Elmhurst, Illinois; when it morphed from prairieland to park. But it is uncommon, common ground. It isn’t devoted to … Continue reading

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Little dolls

I think Mom’s least favorite household chore was dusting, based on the fact she had me do it. Why baseboards and dresser tops require this attention eludes me but I did the deed every week in our 3-bedroom Elmhurst ’50s … Continue reading

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Miles of style

I was in high school when I was gifted with a 3-piece set of luggage, this despite the fact I never traveled except in the backseat of Dad’s car, driving to see Mom’s relatives who lived scattered in suburbs west … Continue reading

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Showy snow

In 1967 it snowed in Elmhurst Illinois like it never snowed before. It snowed elsewhere around Chicago, of course, but Elmhurst’s snow was OUR storm. 23 inches may be slight to important states like Colorado but for Illinois 2 feet? … Continue reading

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Skill development

Dad married Mom when he was nearing 40 years on earth, enough time surely to have learned how to cook; however a single instance during growing up years disproves this hypothesis. Dad cooked a chicken on the Sears Roebuck grill … Continue reading

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Favorite songs are favorite because of when you heard them. According to this rubric, I heard each of my four favorites whilst petrified about something. Sugar Sugar “Honey-honey. You are my candy girl and you got me wanting you…”This song … Continue reading

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