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Buttoned up

Where did Mom get her buttons? Years after her passing, it’s no mystery to my two brothers and me about their systemic storage: 59 bags organized by color, size, value. She did likewise with vegetable cans, kid-art, Dad’s handkerchiefs. No … Continue reading

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Snippet tip

The “not-good-enough” pest hinders all writers. But, though not every sentence will be brilliant, every word is imbued with potential power. Save snippets. Jot them. Allow them to breathe. Gather enough grains and you will have a beach. Okay. That … Continue reading

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Well won

Any sport offers a chance to win. Some folks bet on the outcome to win money. Some cheer for their favorite to win shared elation Some play a sport to become the best they can be. Those who wager put … Continue reading

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Fantasy Fan

A nice gent I know told me, “I won’t read your latest novel, Snag the Moon. It’s contemporary fiction. I like to read sci-fi fantasy.” This is very good, mostly. He doesn’t care about best seller lists or classics or … Continue reading

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Awkward Position There are some geographically challenged who can get lost looking for milk in the refrigerator. For us (them), the global positioning system is reason enough to buy a car. A trip that jaunts from start to finish without … Continue reading

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Toddler talk

During the 1960s, toys my two brothers and I played with did not talk. We imbued them with speech, imagining ourselves as brave, smart, funny and wonderful. We made-believe. Our toys went along with this plan. Today my grandbabies play … Continue reading

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Elms, again

Not long ago, an elm tree decided, on its own, to take root and grow in my brother’s garden-y back yard. This, despite Dutch Elm disease, a global virus that obliterated 200 years of elms in 60 years (1930-1990). My … Continue reading

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Intend to pretend

Pretending is something we do. Children are particularly good at it. Novelists do it for a living. Some folks make up pretend people, avatars, to play a pretend game. We may dress in such a way, talk in such a … Continue reading

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Transistor resistor

Recent purchase of a cherry red transistor radio was not nostalgic. Its appeal was a slit on its side into which a thumb drive can be inserted for the listening pleasure of family music captured on that thumb drive. It’s … Continue reading

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Puppy the dog

My language skill set consists of English. I hear evocative sounds in other languages but don’t comprehend their meaning. This is why I can’t remember the name of my neighbor’s dog, who is about four years old now. I have … Continue reading

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