Reason # 13 Why Folks Don’t Write

There are many reasons folks don’t write. Lack of talent isn’t one of them.

Exhausting effort on emotion is. When that happens, writing doesn’t.

It’s easy to write about emotion because it’s obvious, powerful and present. For instance, somebody cuts you off in traffic and you have an emotional response, maybe fear, maybe mad.

Let’s say, this peculiar driver shows up 10 minutes later and cuts you off again. Now emotion may reach epic proportion. Now, you might have a great big saga in your head, with backstory about the villainous cut-offer and the righteousness of your response as victim. You might honk or something to display this.

This is an episode. Episodes make good conversation, and apparently episodes make good reality TV shows, with emoting gone amok; but it isn’t writing. Writing is the process of discovering the meaning of an episode.  Find that. That is writing.

About Mrs. Fitz

Hello! I'm Michele Fitzpatrick, a Chicago writer. Like our town, a work in progress. As a journalist, teacher and writing coach I think all of us live our stories and sharing them creates moments that remind us we're connected. And that is enough.
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