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Hello! I'm Michele Fitzpatrick, a Chicago writer. Like our town, a work in progress. As a journalist, teacher and writing coach I think all of us live our stories and sharing them creates moments that remind us we're connected. And that is enough.


I understand that Hillary Clinton doesn’t appeal to some folks but I wonder about the reasons. If it’s because she has become familiar to a citizenry that assumes change means new and different, that’s dumb. Change accrues over time. If … Continue reading

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Well seated

Sofas are the most transient among furnishings. Some sturdy stuff has followed me since leaving home, mostly items of solid wood that refuse to die. Not sofas. I’ve had ’em and replaced them like takeout containers that endure only as … Continue reading

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The porch of our 1950’s suburban ranch settled outside the dining room picture window like a stiff upper lip. Dad placed two canvas sling chairs there. They looked lonesome, like castaways on a concrete island. Our family of five used … Continue reading

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Where the Twain meets

Three volumes comprise Mark Twain’s autobiography because he was a chatty man and had a lot to say. I am a fan so I enjoy reading his volumes very much. I enjoy much less their heft. I didn’t weigh them … Continue reading

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Workman’s compensation

Across the street from our condominium, an 1894 brick warehouse is being re-imagined as a trendy apartment building. The architect’s design requires slicing huge slits in the brick facade to make way for windows. Lots of windows. Lots of trendy. … Continue reading

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Book Looks

Folks read to learn or at least appear smarter, to be entertained, to escape, to understand, to stimulate, to get scared safely, to pretend, to remember. These are fun but the best part of reading is choice. There’s no right … Continue reading

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Moving pictures

Christmas and Easter and brief vacations to one of Wisconsin’s fishy little lakes  were the occasions for filming our home movies during the 1960s in Elmhurst, IL You’d think nothing happened in between and that would be about right. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Tried and true

Having two brothers and no sisters whilst growing up in Elmhurst, IL during the 1960s had more pluses than minuses: I had my own bedroom. The boys shared one. I had no gripe with the gene pool, free of comparison … Continue reading

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Supporting roles

Film credits that roll down the screen at movie’s end don’t get enough credit. The number of folks required for a two-hour product is astounding, suggesting it takes a lot of people working together, even if the result is just … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Mrs. Fitz's Story Emporium:
We who attended college during the whimsically labeled “turbulent” 1960s were fond of asking questions. This both freed us from finding answers and left time for more important endeavors, such as protesting.…

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