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More is less

The basement of our ’50s ranch house in Elmhurst mirrored our upstairs like the Taj Mahal’s reflecting pool mirrors that place. It doubled our living area. This allowed space for a clothesline to use in inclement weather, a workshop Dad … Continue reading

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Weenie Hallows (archive)

In our holiday-happy suburb in the holiday happy 1960s, Mom stitched Trick-or-Treat costumes with the caveat that one outfit did the work for three of us: Eric the Elder, Michele the MustFit, and Mark the Shark. Not all at once, … Continue reading

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Cartoon doofus Mickey Mouse originated in 1928. Musclebound Mighty Mouse debuted in 1942. Both showed up on our suburban living room TV during the 1960s. Mickey’s television show, cleverly called The Mickey Mouse Club, showed those of us in grammar … Continue reading

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Debating debate

Protagoras lived before debate was invented, so he invented it. In Greece. He did this while he was wondering whether virtue could be taught; but never figured that out. What he did figure out was that words are powerful and … Continue reading

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The Pullitzer prize, Academy Award and Best Seller list do a fine job of comparing what is produced to what is the BEST ever done.  As a journalist who likes to watch major motion pictures and read good books, I … Continue reading

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The art of the cart

Shopping for something needed is not shopping. This is restocking. Shopping with a companion is not shopping. This is socializing in motion. Shopping to buy something is not shopping. This is known as spending. As those adroit at the art … Continue reading

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Sodality Strong

During the 1960s within Immaculate Conception high school in Elmhurst, the Sodality of Our Blessed Virgin Mary was having an image problem among girl students, which was the only gender allowed to join. Girls didn’t sign up voluntarily. The Sisters … Continue reading

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