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Change of cart

This year’s Christmas gifts will avoid past mistakes, wherein I purchased clothes in the wrong size, color and style; tech gizmos out of use three years ago; jewelry that looked expensive online; hand tools with no purpose whatsoever. Instead: salt … Continue reading

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Sweet Home

Like many others, our Chicago neighborhood has a community page. A few recent postings remind me what giving thanks is about: “We found this (photo) pretty calico kitty. Anyone looking for her? She is sweet and has a cold.” “I … Continue reading

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Well won

Any sport offers a chance to win. Some folks bet on the outcome to win money. Some cheer for their favorite to win shared elation Some play a sport to become the best they can be. Those who wager put … Continue reading

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Fantasy Fan

A nice gent I know told me, “I won’t read your latest novel, Snag the Moon. It’s contemporary fiction. I like to read sci-fi fantasy.” This is very good, mostly. He doesn’t care about best seller lists or classics or … Continue reading

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Snag the Moon

Thank you for stopping by “Mrs. Fitz’s Story Emporium.” I hope you’ll share a story of your own or just browse what’s here. Happy to announce the publication of my latest novel, Snag the Moon, an offbeat story of two … Continue reading

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Sodality Strong

During the 1960s within Immaculate Conception high school in Elmhurst, the Sodality of Our Blessed Virgin Mary was having an image problem among girl students, which was the only gender allowed to join. Girls didn’t sign up voluntarily. The Sisters … Continue reading

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Good words

Writing about writing and writing about writers is very distracting for writers, which is probably why we do it. Here are three nice thingsĀ  about writing and writers: 1. Writers envy but they are not jealous. We envy good writing … Continue reading

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Birth daze

Some people I know react badly when surprise is bestowed upon them. This is because I am one such. My auntie engineered a surprise party for me on the occasion of my 16th birthday. Only someone of great courage would … Continue reading

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Big foot

Female shoes have taken a disturbing turn toward gigantic. Quizzical. Once, platforms on shoes that inched you up adapted the uneven gait for a person suffering with a club foot. Once, high heels embraced the arch of a lady’s foot … Continue reading

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Among things that divide us, gizmos rank right up with country of origin and whether you believe burps are funny. (No.) One either embraces the gizmo or disdains the gizmo. I love ’em, in part because a gizmo is an … Continue reading

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