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Word wonderment

Write an opinion and invite controversy. Write an argument and expect challenge. Write a report and anticipate questions. Write a book and ensure unpredictable responses. Write a song, and be understood. It’s a fine wonderment.

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Reason # 57 Why Folks Don’t Write

Some folks think writing is too hard. But, writing a novel, or anything with words in it, is easy. Waiting for the story to arrive is hard. It’s like holding an open house for a dysfunctional crowd who arrive at … Continue reading

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Sweet Home

Like many others, our Chicago neighborhood has a community page. A few recent postings remind me what giving thanks is about: “We found this (photo) pretty calico kitty. Anyone looking for her? She is sweet and has a cold.” “I … Continue reading

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Snippet tip

The “not-good-enough” pest hinders all writers. But, though not every sentence will be brilliant, every word is imbued with potential power. Save snippets. Jot them. Allow them to breathe. Gather enough grains and you will have a beach. Okay. That … Continue reading

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Good words

Writing about writing and writing about writers is very distracting for writers, which is probably why we do it. Here are three nice thingsĀ  about writing and writers: 1. Writers envy but they are not jealous. We envy good writing … Continue reading

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