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Word wonderment

Write an opinion and invite controversy. Write an argument and expect challenge. Write a report and anticipate questions. Write a book and ensure unpredictable responses. Write a song, and be understood. It’s a fine wonderment.

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Reason # 57 Why Folks Don’t Write

Some folks think writing is too hard. But, writing a novel, or anything with words in it, is easy. Waiting for the story to arrive is hard. It’s like holding an open house for a dysfunctional crowd who arrive at … Continue reading

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Fantasy Fan

A nice gent I know told me, “I won’t read your latest novel, Snag the Moon. It’s contemporary fiction. I like to read sci-fi fantasy.” This is very good, mostly. He doesn’t care about best seller lists or classics or … Continue reading

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Snag the Moon

Thank you for stopping by “Mrs. Fitz’s Story Emporium.” I hope you’ll share a story of your own or just browse what’s here. Happy to announce the publication of my latest novel, Snag the Moon, an offbeat story of two … Continue reading

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